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We use Design Thinking, an iterative process that is human – centered based on whole-brain thinking. It’s applied in a creative and innovative way in our programs.


We conduct Immersive and Experiential Coaching Programmes which are reflective and go below the surface level.


We are a team of Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation, USA.

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Had this lovely session delivered by Nilima Narang and Mayur Kalra from Success Anchors. Each year we do a development program for our trainers from Brand and franchise organizations where we sharpen their training and coaching abilities to set them up for success with newer and stronger people goals. This time's session was special as we had Nilima & Mayur deliver “Coaching for Performance”. The group enjoyed it and took back special learnings on how to be better coaches with using self awareness, self management & social awareness techniques.
Neeti Sharma
“The benefits I experienced with Mayur as my Coach were immense. His questioning skills have helped me to dust off a lot from my cognitive skills. He has helped me, learn to navigate through various emotional hurdles when taking the most rational decisions. His way of coaching is impactful. His demeanour is friendly but approach very professional. He has helped me to get a lot out of me, which I never believed existed. I positively recommend Mayur.”
Asim Afsar
Nilima is an excellent Coach who has helped me sort out my confusion and bring out clarity for the path I need to follow regarding my professional life. She is patient, a great listener and has helped me gain confidence by motivating me through coaching to courageously take my steps further in my personal and work life.
Angelina Talukdar
Nilima is humane, warm and highly skilled who is so genuinely committed to your growth as a human being. She has helped me tremendously to overcome certain limiting beliefs I had about myself and also others in my environment. What I especially appreciated was her complete belief in my highest potential.​