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At Success Anchors, we are harmoniously passionate about Coaching. Our nature of work is highly confidential and we respect our client’s choice to maintain their privacy.

Immense gratitude for the opportunity our esteemed clients gave us to serve and support them. We express gratitude to our patrons, who came forward and shared their testimonials about us.

Training Head – CE&A, Spectra

Ritu Arora

Success Anchor’s LCP workshop was very impactful and full of takeaways for me. It was great learning and very relevant feedbacks which substantially improved my ability to make a difference in a team of talented people. Post training, Success Anchors offered to conduct two sessions every month for another quarter to ensure new learnings as well as effectiveness and implementation of the learned skills, and is very encouraging.

Mayur is one of the most passionate, insightful, honest and a very intuitive development trainer. He very smoothly changes the hats from being a facilitator to a mentor, to a Life and Leadership coach. He is a great empathetic listener and a very impactful speaker.

Nilima is a multifaceted leader and an excellent leadership coach. She brings lot of learning and understanding on life skills through her creative and excellent story telling skills.

Creativity and Parenting Coach

Esha Malhotra

The LCP Program at Success Anchors is beautifully designed and covers much more than what I expected. There were things not known to us and few known but never thought upon and delved deep into.

I took up this program for personal growth and learning. Not only did it help me work on my inner self and become more emotionally balanced and at peace, but I also gained the confidence to start two of my ventures as a creativity and parenting Coach, one being SmartBeans (which is a Personality Development Hub for kids) and Etcetera, which I started much earlier but wasn’t laying focus on. All inspired and encouraged by our mentors Mayur and Nilima.

The learnings were enormous, and the support was infallible. My journey of success today is just because of the nudge and drive that I got because of them.

Financial Services Business Leader

Mukesh Saini

Success Anchors is a team of passionate professionals. Very skilful, thoughtful and knowledgeable professionals. Curious to listen and bring out the best of an Individual. I have been a part of Leadership Coach Program conducted by Success Anchors. Program puts us in thought provoking and self-reflection mode. Helped me to identify my Goals and Blind Spots. Also what needs to change and how it needs to be changed?

Program helped me on my overall Personal and Professional Development and made productive impact on my life. Very well curated program.

I would highly recommend participating in the Program. Thanks to Mayur and Nilima for facilitating a crisp and insightful Program.


Chetna Bhola

I would recommend the LCP Course and training provided by Nilima Narang and Mayur Kalra. The Program proved to be an insightful journey to transcend my inner core. It helped me to develop and enhance my skills as a teacher and a parent of a ten (10) year old girl to unleash the potential of my students and my own kid. Moreover, it helped me to explore my potential too.

My learnings from this course are – Self Awareness, Self-Coaching by asking right questions. To have balance with my emotional hijacks, Goal setting and so much more.

The Coach trainers are brilliant coaches and I would recommend this course for everyone, as it will help you to enhance your personality and skills of Coaching as a parent / teacher and also effective in bringing harmony in relationships.

Director, S. Chand Group

Gaurav Jhunjhnuwala

I enrolled in the LCP program because although I have been coaching for a few years now, I wanted to pursue a formal ICF certification.
At first I was a little skeptical about signing up for such a long program online, however, the facilitators Mayur and Nilima did a fantastic job of ensuring the sessions were not only relevant and informative, but were also fun and engaging, and were able to create an environment similar to that of a physical space.
The program was very well thought out and structured in a manner where we engaged in a lot of self reflection and self analysis, helping us gain greater awareness, which then became the perfect launchpad for us to help create similar experiences for our coaching clients.
As a result of LCP, I have evolved in my journey as a Leadership Coach. I have also become a more empathetic husband to my wife, a more effective leader to my employees, and a better friend to myself.