Stress Management Program

About the Program

Stress is an integral part of life and the more you let it gather in your life, the more it affects the Emotional, Mental and Physical health. Our Stress Coping Workshop (Series 1) is evidence based and anchors Happiness in Your Life. In the workshop, you will be able to understand what stress is, and how it impacts as We help you assess and decode your Stress. We assist in eliminating bad stress and cultivating positive emotions to enhance overall quality of your life. 

Our Immersive and Experiential Program is reflective and goes below the surface level to address underlying issues causing Stress. We help you connect with your Inner-self and facilitate learning to mitigate Stress and find fun and relaxing ways to release Stress. Our Program is an amalgamation of Research-Based Tools: ICF Coaching, Counselling, NLP, CBT Tools, Creative Expressions, Story-Telling, MBSR and Therapies for holistic wellbeing. The systemic and consistent practice of these tools will result in your Mastering the Art of Leading a Happy Life.

ICF Approved ACSTH Program

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Design Success in your Life


Our experience has shown that the effectiveness of all the tools increase multifold, if you practice and apply on self before you help others.


We conduct Immersive and Experiential Coaching Programmes which are reflective and go below the surface level.


We are a team of Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation, USA