Leadership Coach Program

About the Program

This program is for aspiring Coaches aiming at developing Life and Leadership Coaching skills. The Program leverages Leadership Skills in all aspects, and the participants undergo a three-step learning process. 

The Modules have been designed in a way to step up learning from Foundation Coaching Skills (EXPLORE) to Application (EVOLVE) and then Excelling the Skills (EXCEL). 

The 80 hour program is an amalgamation of multiple tools and has been devised to offer a true Adult learning experience. The course offers a rich blend of Concepts, Models, Theories, and Intensive Practice in an experiential setting. The Coaching Practice and Experiential learning will create acceleration and sustainable growth for you as a Coach Leader. 

The content has been aligned with Core Competencies and Code of Ethics defined by ICF (International Coach Federation). The Leadership Coach Program is  ICF approved 80 Hours ACSTH Program.

The Application and Context is in the backdrop of Real Life Situations, Business Challenges faced by Individuals, Leaders and Organisations in Personal and Professional Engagements.

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ICF Approved ACSTH Program

Features of Our Courses

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Design Success in your Life


Our experience has shown that the effectiveness of all the tools increase multifold, if you practice and apply on self before you help others.


We conduct Immersive and Experiential Coaching Programmes which are reflective and go below the surface level.


We are a team of Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation, USA