Conscious Leadership

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” 

Bill Gates

In these stressful times, one of the most critical needs in an organisation is to develop Conscious Leadership among leaders so that the focus is on stability, abilities, humaneness and all-round development for the flourishing presence of the organisation.

Conscious Leadership is not only about setting goals and reaching the assigned targets. It’s related to being in full awareness of your authentic self, inner strength and the cultivation of consciousness at a deeper level in the organisation. It’s about the awakening and self-realisation about being internally driven from the heart, mind and soul.

An unconscious leader can be reactive, egotistical, defensive, emotionally brittle and unaware of the big picture need of the team and the organisation. 

A conscious leader thinks beyond self – gratification and works with accountability and integrity for the bigger purpose of the team and the organisation. Listening is an important part of conscious awareness – to be able to make others feel heard and valued is possible when you actively listen with full attention. Coaching, Mindfulness, Reflection, visualisation, breathing, gratitude list and exercise are some ways to build self-awareness.

Another important part of Conscious Leadership is how the leaders introduce and model feedback, open conversations and engagement with the team.

When feedback is given and received amicably and sincerely, an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety is created among the teams and permeates in the organisation. 

A leaders role is to build the morale of the team through listening, confidence-boosting and creating a positive influence for people to be motivated to perform. 

Leadership is also about knowing oneself and seeing beyond the predictable and known. An aware and emotionally intelligent Leader will raise awareness of his team and inspire them to be their best version.

Coaching is one of the greatest leadership skill that helps in creating the desired outcome through the consciousness that emerges out of it. Coach Leaders brings out the best creative intelligence, newer perspectives and choices for their team as they coach them with their whole being. 

Leadership is a conscious choice. Coaching helps leaders to transform themselves by living in awareness Heart-fully and Mindfully and then move with compassion, confidence and purpose facing the challenges courageously and reaching their best potential. When Leaders create a coaching culture, they create a win-win situation of growth and learning for all. 

Nilima Narang

Life and Leadership Coach

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