About Us

Our programmes creates behavioural shifts that lead to both ‘Skill’ and ‘Will’ enhancement.

Our Mission

To empower our students to become exceptional coaches who inspire and empower their clients, fostering positive change and transformation in individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide.

Our Vision

To create a global community of highly skilled and compassionate coaches who make a transformative impact on individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Success Anchors

Co-creating Success

At Success Anchors, we work with a Mission to build Conscious and Subconscious Awareness among people for wholesome living through Coaching, NLP, and Experiential Learning.

Our Vision

Who We Are

Coaching you for Success

The curriculum of our Workshops is centred around Core Themes of life and the content, learning is co-created by the participants and the coaches in a supportive environment.

The Pedagogy, Andragogy employed is introspective, interactive, conversational and group reflections, plenary discussions, creative expressions, Art Visualisations, Role-plays, skits which are creative interventions for learning and personality enhancement.

Our Experiential Coaching Workshops, individual coaching and group coaching interactions delve deep into the core of the issues bringing Inner Shifts and thus creates a deeper change and impact for the clients and participants. At Success Anchors, our coaching is future-oriented and holistic to help people reach their maximum potentials to achieve their goals and / or overcome challenges. We do not believe in telling or directing as that creates a temporary high but leaves no permanent positive effect.

We acknowledge and appreciate our client’s learnings and believe that all answers are within them and help them reach their desired outcome through various coaching tools and techniques.

We offer a variety of Programs like Executive and Life Coaching, NLP Coaching and Biography, Women Empowerment, Mindfulness, Stress Management Coaching through experiential learning. We offer customised programs based on the Corporate, Groups and the individual Clients need.

We are a team of Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation, USA having diverse experience in Corporates, Coaching, Health and Holistic well-being.

Our experience has shown that the effectiveness of all the tools increase multifold, if you practice and apply on self before you help others.


Lead Faculty

Our Coaches

We are a team of Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation, USA having diverse experience in Corporates, Coaching, Health and Holistic well-being.

Executive Coach

Nilima Narang

Nilima Narang is an ICF credentialed Leadership and Life Coach, Coach Trainer and Mentor approved 80 hours Leadership Coach program ACSTH path from ICF, USA. She is certified both in TCI Leadership Program and Organisational Development at TISS, Mumbai and Ruth Cohn Institute, Germany. She is also a Dale Carnegie,( USA) Certified Corporate Trainer and a Wellness Coach from Dr Sears Institute, (USA). Nilima is trained in NLP  and is among the select few coaches in India trained on Classic and  NLP New Code, with NLP Academy (UK), which focusses on High-Performance Coaching.

She has over 25 years of experience in Education, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling. Nilima has co-founded Success Anchors a coaching company. She is working with a Mission to build Conscious and Subconscious awareness among leaders for wholesome living through Coaching, Counselling, NLP and Experiential Learning. She has had corporate experience as a Manager (Sales and Training) and Corporate trainer with Aptech and Zee group. 

She works through Coaching to first establish Self-Awareness among leaders that necessitates understanding personality traits, values, desires, motivations, the realities of one’s work and life situation. She brings clarity while challenging and supporting her clients to achieve success through sustainable behavioural changes. She is emphatic and non-judgemental and provides a safe coaching environment for coaching. Her coaching approach is Solutions Focused, Goal-Oriented, Non- directive and Values-based. She brings a strong understanding of human behaviour in the workplace and is passionate about leadership development. 

Through her experience as a coach, she is able to bring through coaching the co-relation between self – coaching for leaders to improve influence and collaboration and overcoming behaviours that restrict rapport building and relationship at work and then using coaching to develop robust teams for reaching the team targets and meeting organisational goals. She has extensive experience in providing training, workshops and presentations to small and large groups and has structured leadership development experiential programmes to help leaders enhance their leadership skills. She is passionate about helping people reach success and her Mission in Life is to make people get in sync with both their Conscious and Subconscious Mind through Coaching, NLP, Mental Visualisations, and experiential learning for transformations to lead a Holistic Life.

PCC Coach

Mayur Kalra

Mayur has been in Leadership Roles across multiple organizations like ICICI Group, ABC Consultants. He has 17 years of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring experience. His last Corporate assignment was with Matrix as Sales Director. During his corporate stints, he was part of the Strategic Advisory Teams working closely with CEO, and part of the High performance Talent Pool.  

He has Coaching experience of 900 plus hours across leaders in multiple domains and diverse Industries.

As a Leadership Coach, Mayur has been conducting Individual and Group Coaching Interventions with Corporate Executives, Start-Up Founders, and Entrepreneurs bringing in “Shifts”. He leads the “High Performance Coaching” through Flow States incorporating Rhythm Tools. He is among the Select few Coaches in India, trained on High Performance Coaching, using NLP New Code.

During his corporate stints, Mayur has practiced Sales Coaching and had been a part of Train the Trainers panel, preparing the next set of Leaders and Trainers across the organizations. 

Mayur has extensive experience in Career Transition Coaching, High Performance and Goal Setting, Stakeholder Management and Stress Management Coaching. He supports organisations, leaders with Coaching Skills and facilitates “Manager as A Coach” programme. Helps organisations build Coaching Competencies, and Internal Change Agents for championing Coaching Culture.

Client Success Partner & Coach

Aditi Sheoran

Aditi Sheoran is associated with Success Anchors as a Client Success Partner & Coach.  Aditi has diverse experience as an HR Leader and has worked across MNCs like Infosys, ESPN Star Sports, BCG & Snapdeal. With over 14 years of experience in HR across IT, E-commerce, Telecom, Consumer durables industries, her body of work spans across Leadership Development & Coaching, Culture Building and Women Career Advancement.

As a Client Success partner at Success Anchors, she is passionate about forming and driving successful client relationships, combating business challenges with people solutions and proactively works to drive organic growth and inspires trust and confidence of the Clients. 

She is a Certified NLP Practitioner from NFNLP USA, a certified Coach from David Rock’s Neuro Leadership Institute (NLI), a member of the Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Sciences (ISABS) and has completed the Basic & Advanced Lab for Human Processes (ALHP). She is also certified as an Experiential Facilitator by the Experiential leadership Institute (ELI).

Aditi has a deep interest in human behaviour and psychology and is passionate about helping people bring about mind shifts so they can actualize their true potential towards holistic growth, happiness & purpose!
 Being a fitness enthusiast, she is an internationally certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher and has been featured in and written for Thrive Global, People Matters, The Quint, Help & Wellness, Mother & Baby, Better Homes & Gardens, Child magazine, Gurgaon Moms, Baby Chakra, Parent Circle, Calizen and more. She writes regularly for magazines & blogs on lifestyle topics ranging from work, travel, wellness, art, home & family.

MCC Mentor Coach and Performance Evaluator

Claire Palmer

PCC Observer, Performance Evaluator

Sagarika Mishra

Observer , Facilitator

Monica Gandhi